So I know there are ALOT of options out there when it comes to travel systems, strollers, and car seats! Everybody has specific things they are looking for that would put a product above all the rest. My preference was a travel system that was very safe, versatile, easy to use, lightweight, and would “grow” with my child. I looked for several weeks before I finally decided on the Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System.

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What I like About the Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System

This system comes with a stroller, infant car seat, and of course the base for the car seat.

The biggest reason why I wanted to buy a travel system is that both the car seat and the stroller go together. Meaning, I don’t have to try to mix n match or go through the trouble of figuring out which stroller would fit my infant car seat or vice versa. Why did I care so much? Because for the first 6 months it is way easier to pull the infant car seat out of the car, stick it on a base with wheels, and your set! No need to wake that sleeping babe by transferring them to a stroller seat! I wanted to buy it all as one unit which meant less stress for this lazy mom!

This Graco travel system has it all! It comes with the top rated snug ride 35 click connect infant car seat that’s simple, light weight, and very easy to maneuver around. The click system is great. All you do is pull the lever on the back while gently lifting upwards and the car seat comes right out of the base. I also liked the fact that this is not a huge car seat! It’s safe and at the same time doesn’t take up the whole back seat.

Now when looking at the stroller, it gives you three different options to choose from based on the age of your child: infant car seat carrier, infant stroller, and toddler stroller.

The stroller actually comes in two parts: the base and the stroller seat. For the first 6 months of my daughter’s life we just used the base and were able to attach her car seat onto the base! It was fabulous! The base is super lightweight and to fold it you just press the button on the handle and push down. It folds with ease and doesn’t take up much space. We had a Chevy Camaro when our daughter was born (not the most family friendly vehicle lol) but we were able to fit the car seat in the backseat no problem and the stroller in the trunk.

Now what’s awesome with the stroller seat is that you can face the baby towards you or away from you, you can recline it all the way to make it an infant carriage (looks like a pram stroller), or upright for a toddler. This stroller is so versatile that it has 10 different riding options! 10!! Literally, every option that you could possibly want is yours for the taking!

Not only that, but it has a sizable basket underneath to fit your medium sized diaper bag, cup holders, a small compartment for your phone (as long as it’s not a huge one like my Iphone 6 plus), and a removable toddler tray.

This stroller will hold up to 50 pounds and also comes with a 3-point or 5-point harness. I personally used the 3-point during the infant stage and then now use the 5-point for my toddler. They really are stronger than they look, so the 5-point harness comes in handy if you toddler is an escape artist. Another plus is that the material is easy to clean and remove, which we all know is essential!

I also liked the fact that the base part of the stroller did not have rubber bike tires. I read a lot about people having trouble with rubber tires popping on their strollers (it happened to my sister and her stroller was out of commission for awhile because it was difficult to find a replacement tire). This stroller actually holds up great going over gravel, dirt, bark chips, and bumpy roads. We are an active and dog friendly family, so our stroller has been through quite a bit in the past 2 years and we are still going strong.

What could use improvement

Ok! So now you’re thinking what’s the catch? The only thing about this stroller that I wish I could change is the fact that you have to have the stroller seat facing a specific direction (away from you) in order to fold it. This is kind of nit picky, but I can’t tell you how many times I had my daughter facing me when she was younger, went to fold up the stroller, and couldn’t because it has to be facing the other direction. This is easily fixed by simply turning the seat around, but it can be annoying depending on how you look at it.

In all, I absolutely love this travel system!! I only wish they made it able to fit two kiddos as I’m in need of an upgrade soon. I’ll be sure to do another review on the stroller I choose, so stay tuned!


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