The holidays have arrived and that means it is time to start thinking about gift ideas!! This year I wanted to do a couple of holiday gift guides. It’s my daughters first Christmas where she will actually be able to understand a little bit of what is going on, so I decided to make this gift guide in honor of her toddler years. The two toys she is absolutely obsessed with right now are her trike and princess ride on car. So below, I have put together Amazon’s top trikes and ride ons for you to check out this Christmas! These also make great birthday gifts as well. Enjoy!

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Rocking Horses:

  • Rockin’ Rider Lucky Talking Plush Spring Horse: The king of all rocking horses! My best friend has one of these for her kids and my daughter literally screamed bloody murder when I tried to pull her off when it was time to go. It rocks, bounces, sings, and talks. The stirrups in this one also allow it to grow with your child, which is always a plus.

pink rocking horse

  • Princess Rocking Horse Pony: My daughter has this exact pony and absolutely loves it. This one sings and talks as well. It is very pink and sparkly, so if you have a girly girl, this is the one. We have had it a year now and it has held up really well, despite the beating that it takes on a daily basis.

baby rocker

  • Labebe Wooden Rocking Horse for Toddlers: By far one of the most cutest and well made rocking horse you can find on Amazon. These horses are made of solid wood and then covered with plush fabric for comfort. They say it can hold up to 150 lbs! Talk about sturdy. They also come in many different animals to choose from, so if you don’t want the traditional rocking horse, look no further!

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Ride Ons:

cozy coupe ride on

  • Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe Ride-On: This is a classic and is great for 1-3 year olds. The top of the car has a handle for parents to push and then the bottom is able to lift out as kids get older and want to push themselves.

Giraffe ride on jpeg

musical parade ride on jpeg

  • Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On: My daughter has the princess version of this ride on but it seems to have been discontinued, so I found this much better version. It has musical instruments built into it, which is great if your child is too scared to get on the toy to ride it. My daughter just pushed hers around for a couple of months until she would let us push her. After that it was all smiles and giggles.

minnie ride on

  • Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On: This ride on is very similar to the fisher price one. I wanted to add this one as both my daughter and niece have gone through phases where they are obsessed with Minnie mouse. This one plays music, has a steering wheel, honk horn, and also a storage compartment that’s great for toddlers who love to hide things.

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radio flyer trike

  • Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike: The classic radio flyer trike that every kid wants to see under the Christmas tree. It comes with an adjustable seat to grow with your child, steel construction, and of course a handy storage bin in the back for all their toys.

radio flyer 4 in 1

  • Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike: If you love the Radio Flyer trike, I would absolutely check out the 4 in 1 version. This one grows with your toddler and allows you to push them along until they are old enough to pedal and steer on their own. Great for walks to the park!

Fisher Pricer Barbie Tough Trike

  • Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike: Great first trike for any toddler! Its simple and has a wide base making it more difficult for kids to fall over. The storage compartment in the back is always a hit as kids love to stuff things in any nook and cranny they can find. Plus, this trike can take a beating and will last. In other words, that’s money well spent!

v-tech trike

  • VTech 4-in-1 Stroll & Grow Tek Trike: The king of all trikes! There are several 4 in 1 trikes but this one just takes the cake. My daughter received one like this for her first birthday and it was awesome because even though she could not reach the peddles, we were able to push her around in it until she was old enough to do it herself. But this one comes with an electronic panel that has interactive games teaching your child road safety. Not only that but it supposedly corresponds with your kids age and learning abilities!

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Electric Ride Ons:

 electric ride on quad

  • Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad: This is an awesome little quad for toddlers! It drives a safe 2 mph with a big red button on the handle making it easy for toddlers to control speed. Some may think that the speed is rather slow, but for toddlers who are totally accident prone, it’s probably for the best.

Girls electric ride on

  • Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Car with MP3 Electric Battery Power, Pink: If you are looking for a toy this Christmas that will have your toddler kicking and screaming when it’s time to go inside, this is IT!! My husband took our daughter to the park one day and a little boy was riding around in this same car. My daughter of course became curious and walked right over to the car to check it out. The couple was very nice and let her ride in it. BIG MISTAKE! When it was time to go home she threw a giant fit. However, my husband said seeing the joy on her face and hearing her laugh as she rode around was totally worth it! What I love about this one compared to other ones is that it has a parent controller. This is great for the younger kids who are still learning to steer correctly. For more information, check it out on Amazon!

 jeep power ride on

  • Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck W/ Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, LED Light Black: If you really want to step up Santa’s game this year, then this is the car for you! It has all the bells and whistles with built-in music or play your own through auxiliary cord. Your child can drive with pedal and steering wheel or parents can with remote control (love this option for younger kids). This car is great for ages 2-8, so kids will be able to use it for several years. This is a MUST SEE! For information, check it out on Amazon!

double seat power quad

  • Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer: The most heavy-duty electric car or should i say dune racer, that you can find on Amazon!! No, it is not cheap but you get what you pay for. This is a two-seater vehicle with power lock brake system, steel frame, and metal side bars. Starts off at 2.5 mph and increases to 5 mph. Drives on rough terrain, whether its grass, gravel, sand, or pavement. Not only that but it can hold up to 130 lbs, yes a small adult could go for a joy ride in this! Check it out on Amazon!

I hope you all enjoyed this holiday gift guide for toddlers! Stay tuned for more! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out my Ultimate List of Toddler Stocking Stuffers, complete with amazon wishlist for your one stop shopping experience!


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